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Condo & Co-op Apartment Remodeling

When your condo or co-op apartment no longer feels like it’s the perfect fit, there are alternatives to calling a real estate broker. Calling Santana Contracting is an excellent place to start.

Our condo and co-op apartment remodeling contractors reveal your unit’s potential for change and expansion. For every budget, our remodeling services deliver spectacular transformations that will make you love your condo or co-op apartment again. From the kitchen to the bathroom, our top rated general contractors provide top-quality remodeling services.

Set up a comprehensive consultation today by calling (516) 823-2503. We look forward to giving your space the makeover it deserves.

The Leading Condo and Co-op Apartment Remodeling Company

Our commitment to customized care and results has helped us stand out as a leading team of condo and co-op apartment renovation contractors in the area. With experts in every field of renovations, we can say ‘yes’ to your vision. No plan is too big or too small.

Dedication to quality is our brand. We guarantee quality in our craft, materials, and customer service.

Condo and Co-op Apartment Renovations Consultation

Over time, we’ve learned that communication with our clients is critical. Before the project commences, we provide an in-person consultation. During this assessment, we will showcase our knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and design skill. We will take the time to listen to your goals for the project and help you make a design plan that will bring out the best in your condo or co-op apartment.

With decisions made about changes and materials, we can calculate your estimate.

Our Condo and Co-op Apartment Remodeling Services

Whether you plan to transform your condo or co-op apartment gradually or if you want to invest in a full redo, Santana Contracting is more than happy to help.

Our condo and co-op apartment renovations may consist of:

  • Demolition and clear away
  • Framework and insulation
  • Drywall, sanding, patching
  • Painting and wallpaper
  • Electrical and plumbing work
  • Flooring with tile, hardwood, carpet, cork, bamboo, stone, concrete, etc.
  • Lighting plans and installation
  • Installing doors and windows
  • HVAC

If you are interested in a remodeling service that is not explicitly listed above, don’t hesitate to let us know. Our talented team will do what we can to meet your needs.

Popular Remodeling Projects by Santana Contracting

Some of our most popular remodeling projects include:

  • Kitchen remodeling (countertops, sink, appliance installation, lighting, flooring, layout design, islands, cabinetry, backsplash)
  • Bathroom and master suite remodeling (vanity, tubs, showers, flooring, ventilation, lighting, sinks)
  • Bedroom remodeling

Trusted Remodeling Contractors

Our condo and co-op apartment renovations specialists become your trusty employees, architect, engineer, and interior designer. Suggestions are always made in your best interest, are honest and educated. We want our customers to be delighted with their results.

Call the Best Condo and Co-op Apartment Renovation Contractor Today

Over the years, Santana Contracting has become one of the most trusted condo and co-op apartment remodeling companies in the area. Our dedication to customer care and delivering the highest quality results, make our services unmatched by competitors.

Whether you are in the market for a few simple updates around the condo, or if you’re interested in ultimately making over your co-op apartment, Santana Contracting has the state-of-the-art tools, dedicated experts and design team for the job.

Want to get started on your condo or co-op apartment remodel today? Get in touch with us and set up a comprehensive consultation.

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